G (Born June 19, 2002) (short for Gwen) is a character from Kuu Kuu Harajuku. She is a member of HJ5!.


Gwen is the leader of HJ5. At age 15, She is described as trust-worthy and level-headed, and she always makes sure to keep the other members of the band in check. If the girls are in some sort of trouble, Gwen will do her best to lead them out of it with careful planning and precision.

In Game Over she has a hard time figuring out what her favorite item is. In a flashback later in the episode, it is revealed she has a history with Saywha, a girl who desperately wanted to be in HJ5. Gwen would decline her offer, saying the group is perfect just the way it is.

She acts very motherly towards Baby as seen in Hello Puppy, when she suggests that eat something before another "incident" happens.

In Super Kawaii Sunday Gwen becomes so obsessed with getting on the cover of Baubles magazine that she would completely miss out on the fun activities that her friends were participating in.

She always keeps an emergency tarp on-hand for emergencies as seen in Water Baby.

In Life is But a Dream, Gwen develops stage fright and loses her singing ability after listening to Hetti Harrumph's review about HJ5 asking if they were "washed up?" Because of this, Gwen is unable to sing and develops stage fright. The other girls enter inside Gwen's subconscious while she's dreaming in order to help her face her fears.


  • Gwen is based on Gwen Stefani, the co-producer of the show.


Tick, tock, time to rock! G Kuu Kuu Harajuku00:23

Tick, tock, time to rock! G Kuu Kuu Harajuku

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