Welcome to the Kuu Kuu Harajuku, a general database that anyone can edit! Before you begin editing, please take a few minutes to read the policies of our wiki beforehand.


All users (that have an account) are able to edit the wiki freely. However, there are a few rules to follow:

  1. Please write information using a neutral point of view.
  2. Very minor but still important: when editing, please make sure you use proper grammar and spelling. It's a very tiresome chore to have to occasionally re-edit a page just to fix a mistake.
  3. Vandalism includes: inserting false information, removing content from pages. Vandalism is an automatic block, and depending on the severity, can last anywhere from a few hours to infinity
  4. Spamming includes: advertising yourself or your business whether it be through a video image, or profile header. Spam is an automatic infinite block: NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Although not required, reference material is beneficial to help verify the information on a page.
  6. Try to follow the same format for each episode/character page.

User Pages

Users pages are used to describe yourself and personalized the way you see fit! Please do not post any spam links, grotesque images, or anything else that may be deemed inappropriate on your page.

Page Deletion

If you find that a page was made that is completely irrelevant to the wiki you can add a proposal at the bottom of the page by adding {{Delete}}. An admin will review the proposal, and determine whether or not it should be deleted. In your proposal, include why you think it should be deleted, and sign the post.

If you delete your request, notify any available admin that you have done so.


Categories should be added to help organize pages. Make sure to add appropriate categories when editing such as adding "episodes" to a page about an episode.


When in the chat room, please behave. Do not fight, troll, spam links, flood, or any other act deemed inappropriate by an admin or chat mods' discretion. If anyone is caught breaking the rules, an admin/chat mod in the room will kick the offender as a warning. If a user commits a serious offense or has already been kicked previously, the user in question could possibly face a ban. Do not expect admins or chat mods to be in the chat room 24/7!

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